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Can we get some Drunk stories goin around in here? i know u guys are writting back to my stuff.. and i thank you all.. but i wanna hear some of ur stories.... i'll start with one of mine.

it was this last summer(like a month and a half ago).. its still the talk of the town with all my homies... I had gone to a friends house and we headed over to this liquor store to buy the liquor.. we bought a big bottle of; AfterShock, Smirnoff, Bacardi(151), gold shlager(german import), and one more thing i think... we bought all this thinkin EVERYONE was drinking... it turned out it was only gonna be my homie i call Da Gubna and i.... we finished everything but the aftershock...(our homies wouldnt give it to us cuz we were freakin GONE) we started floppin around.. fallin down, fighting each other(and were boys, but it was the drunk kickin in... we wernt even mad at each other...) it wasnt a crazy fist fight... it was like the worst fight we'll ever put up cuz we were so drunk. lol... so they eventually got us in different rooms and this gurl i liked at the time was sittin next to me while i slept... and we ended up kissing and feeling(nothing else)(reasponisble drunk point +1)... and we all fell asleep. it was a crazy day. i was almost caught for a DUI later... THANK GOD IT WASNT ONE. THERES ONE OF MY DRUNK STORIES!!!! post one of yours..
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